Why It Is Important To Use A STEP Qualified Solicitor When Writing Your Will

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The Society of Trusts and Estate practitioners are a world wide organisation and the professional body for practitioners in field of Trusts and Estates, Executorships, Will writing and related matters.

STEP promotes high professional standards through education and training.  STEP boasts sixteen thousand world wide members.  There are four thousand members in the UK.

Dealing with high net estates or even simple ones can prove complex.  Many organisations offering a cheap fix are unregulated and unqualified.  There have been many reports on incorrect advice, wrongly drafted Wills, insufficient or no tax advice, overcharging and firms going bust and closing overnight often taking the Wills with them.

Everyone should have a legally drafted Will in place.  You should feel safe in the knowledge that a solicitor, or better still a STEP member, that has expert knowledge, can give your family peace of mind by having a drafted Will that serves its purpose.